Why You Need Audio Spectrum Graphics

Article by- Trey Smith

Photo by Stas Knop from Pexels

It’s no rumor that the world that we live in today is highly visual and graphically orientated. It is also one that is highly centered around music and entertainment. There’s sometimes even a challenge to get our reading glasses on to read all the posts that our Grannies, Grandfathers, Uncles, Aunts and Parents put up on Facebook….okay, okay, so, you get it….”the previous generation.” Something utterly boring to the now “Millennial Generation” which I would seemingly fall amongst. If you find yourself reading this article, congratulations, I applaud you. “Your’e a rare breed!”

Since the start of the global Corona Virus pandemic, almost every industry I can think of has been affected. However, before you start thinking about the doom and gloom that it has caused, which industries have actually benefited from this? From the creative perspective, the one I can clearly see a boom in is the Music Industry. I have never seen so many artists produce this much great music before. From upcoming artists to some of my favourite musicians that I haven’t heard produce a new track in ages. With all the world tours being cancelled, the fast rock ‘n roll pace has slowed down to allow musicians and artists the opportunity to hang up their performance caps and to start letting their creativity take over again.

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So where am I going with this?

Accompanied with the musical and sound element is always an increasing demand for visual elements and graphics. Incorporating visual design and graphics can drastically change the impact of your music or art to your audience. Not just the thumbnail but the motion graphics create more of an overall sensory appeal as well.

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